Make client experience your law firm’s differentiator

The Link App may be a client facing customer experience tool, but it offers you the ability to improve the way you and your law firm operates.

Meet client demands and benefit in the process

Clients expect convenience, speed, and constant communication – this can work in your favour.


We provide the tools for you to future-proof your firm, revolutionise your client experience, improve client feedback, and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Keep control and refine communication
Law firms juggle emails, calls, and their case work. We organise this daily challenge on one manageable platform, improving productivity.


Provide impactful communications when needed.


Keep your clients in-the-know using notifications directly to their phone.

Case tracking

Promote transparency and present clients with clear case progress.

Work smarter, not harder:
We make firms 34% more productive.
The Link App conversation

Your data

Our platform removes the fear of a cybercrime at law firms. In this day and age you cannot risk a data breach. It will almost certainly affect your reputation and cost you financially


Email and free messenger apps are not a viable way to share sensitive information.

How The Link App protects you:

  • 256-bit SSL encrypted communications
  • Data remains in the UK and is hosted on an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure
  • All communications are over HTTPS
  • Server backups are performed daily
  • File based backups are performed hourly
  • Our team is bound by our IT Security Policy and Data Protection Policy
  • The Link App handles data in accordance with GDPR
Use The Link App to suit you
Pay monthly or annually
Set customisable milestones
Use the mobile app or web portal
Automate or tailor messages
Add your branding inside the platform