Digital ID Verification

Digital ID Verification

  • Up to full AML checks, self-service via your clients

Introducing Digital ID Verification

Transform your clients’ experience right from the beginning with The Link App’s digital ID verification that helps you boost conversions, fight fraud and stay compliant, no time-consuming paperwork required. We’ve partnered with GBG—a global leader in the industry who bring this feature to over 70 countries—to enable you to assign your clients self-serve ID checks almost instantly.

Just select the check you’d like carried out, be that a Data Check, a PEP Check, an AML Check, or just having your client scan their ID via mobile, and we’ll instantly notify them with what you need and how they can get it. This has been such a pain point for law firms and their clients, all having to find creative ways to navigate lockdown requirements while keeping to compliance regulations; The Link App makes this so much easier, and reduces the workload for you and your clients.

Use this feature on its own, as the first step to digital transformation, or as part of The Link App’s full suite of tools. You choose.

All documents are encrypted, protected by best-practises cybersecurity, and a complete audit trail is maintained.

The best thing? No waiting, no explaining, no chasing. You can even set reminders for your clients to complete the checks when they’re due.

Digital ID Verification
  • Best-in-class Digital ID Verification
    - Our partnership with GBG means you can get through ID checks in minutes, their AI-enabled systems work to 99.9% accuracy without intervention.

  • Data Check
    - A straightforward KYC check that will end in a pass/refer result.

  • Document & Liveness Check
    - Your clients scan an ID document and perform a liveness (selfie) test within their mobile device or computer.

  • AML Check
    - A Sanctions and PEP Check, Data Check included.