Custom Tasks


  • Take full advantage of The Link App in the CMS you already know

Introducing Integrations

Integrations allow your team to use all the features of The Link App without having to relearn everything right away. Messaging, milestones, tasks, enquiries and more can all be used within the Case Management System you already know so well. Firms love this, as they can migrate all teams over to The Link App without having to do anything differently, they can just plug The Link App’s client onboarding features into the software they use every day.

Integration users aren’t second-class citizens, this is part of our core proposition: every time we release a new feature or update, our Integrations API is updated to reflect the constant improvements. You’ll be notified by your integration provider about new features as soon as they launch.

We’ve integrated with all the leading Case Management Systems, and we’re working with new providers all the time. Reach out to our Sales team to check if your Case Management System is already supported or on the agenda. If not, you will still have the opportunity to make the integration work using your own team.

Our modern, flexible REST API gives you full control over the integration for your firm: you get to choose the points at which information is exchanged, and we use SSL encryption for every transaction.

The Link App Integrations
  • Get the whole firm on The Link App, no headaches required
    - You don't have to do anything differently that you don't want to, and all communications are kept in your Case Management System as the single source of truth.

  • Flexible, secure REST API
    - Case milestones can adapt to your existing CMS configuration

  • Integration users fly first-class
    - We build The Link App API-first, so integration users have full access to the same tools we use the minute they launch.