Management Information Report

  • See your whole firm at a glance
  • Find out what needs to be done, and who needs to do it
  • Demonstrate the progress you're making in one easy-to-read report

Introducing the Management Information Report

Whether you’re remote or in the office, you can’t always see everything going on in your firm at a glance. This is a major problem for managers, and we knew we had the solution. Previously, we introduced our firm-wide management information dashboard based on conversations we were having with firms struggling with this issue. Now we’re allowing your firm to take a huge step forward with our new Management Information Reporting functionality.

At the outset of using our platform you will be given a list of data points to choose from, and you can decide which pieces of knowledge will make the biggest difference to the choices you make when operating your business. For example, we can highlight outstanding priority tasks: what needs to be done, and who needs to do it. This could be responding to a potential client’s enquiry or a notification that a member of your team is overdue updating a case.

The Management Information Report lets you see daily, weekly, and monthly trends at a glance. You can make sure your firm is hitting growth targets like “cases per year”, but also performance metrics like the average length of a certain case type you want to be very competitive on. You’ll see feature-specific data like how long it’s taking clients to complete Smart Forms or the average time to onboard new clients, so you’ll know exactly where you need to refine your firm’s processes.

So much data could get abstract very fast, but we keep it grounded and people-focussed by letting you view data per employee, per case type, or by specific cases. We can present views as line graphs, bar charts or pie charts to bring this information to life however suits you. As with everything else on the platform, the report is available fully branded as your firm, ready to show to the team for a morale boost, the board to track performance, or potential clients to impress with results that speak for themselves.

Management Information Report
  • Stay on top of your most important work
    - We show you the most important outstanding tasks and what needs to be done next.

  • Custom Views
    - View data by day, by week, by employee, by case, and so many other options. Customise your report to whatever works for you.

  • Your Firm, Your Data
    - Your report can be fully branded as your firm, ready to send around to the team and stakeholders to improve performance or celebrate their success.