Smart Forms

Smart Forms

  • Get all the information you need, no explanation required

Introducing Smart Forms

Whether you’re onboarding a new client or you’re deep into a case, we know that a pain point for law firms is collecting and organising the data they need from their clients. Our new Smart Forms transform this process on both sides, making it as simple as possible and faster than ever.

Use this feature on its own, as the first step to digital transformation or as part of The Link App’s full suite of tools – you choose.

You can create Smart Forms to be accessed on any device—desktop, tablet or mobile—and use them as time-saving templates for future cases. Just create a series of questions and answer fields, and your clients can give you the information you need in small, easy steps. Why not impress your clients at multiple stages of a transaction by gathering their feedback about how your firm is doing, via our Smart Forms?

Asking a client to digest multiple pages of complex questions with no support is not good service and having them ring you up to walk them through isn’t good business, that’s a time-consuming phone call you don’t need to have.

Our Smart Forms are the perfect combination of both: autonomy for the client to act when it is convenient for them, and a completely scalable solution that means your expertise is given once and used thousands of times. Your clients value your expertise when defining technical or harder-to-understand information. So we’ve enabled you to add information across a range of different media from text and graphics to video, which could be anything from a friendly Zoom-style explainer to a slick animation.

If your clients still get stuck, or they don’t have the answer to a question to hand, they can skip providing that answer and continue with the rest of the form. They will then be given the opportunity to answer once the rest has been completed. This means they can ask for your expert advice, and then answer the question correctly first time.

The Link App ensures you can get the information you need, without losing the personal approach your clients love so much.

Smart Forms
  • Mobile-friendly
    - Some of your competitors are still sending out static A4 documents which make clients find a printer or scanner. Smart Forms are responsive, mobile-first web pages that expand to look good and feel great on any device.

  • Explain once
    - You'll know there's that one difficult question clients are always phoning you up to clarify, now you can just explain it once by video text or graphic and every future client will get it.

  • Pick up where they left off
    - Smart Forms autosave your client's progress at every step, so they can pick up and put down longer forms while they're going about their day.

  • Flexible pricing
    - Can be used with a subscription to The Link App platform or on their own; you only pay for what you need.