Custom Tasks


  • Create custom Tasks
  • Automate chasing
  • Create it once and reuse it for every case

Introducing Custom Tasks

Tasks are the backbone of The Link App’s digital onboarding features, and they’re a great addition to our industry-leading ID Verification, E-Sign and Smart Forms features.

We’re making Tasks even more powerful by letting you create your own custom Tasks. They’re flexible and reusable, so you can make The Link App work even harder on your behalf. Set a Task, set a due date, and add any supporting notes to your client and they’ll receive a notification straight away.

Tasks power all our digital onboarding features such as ID Verification, Smart Forms, and E-Sign. Now you can take advantage of the same tools we use to build out your own processes, even integrate them into the CMS your firm already uses.

If the Task is coming due or even missed we’ll automatically remind the client about it, and continue to do so until the Task is complete. We’ll do the chasing so you can focus on the work that really makes a difference.

  • Need information to progress a case?
    - Just set a task.

  • Chasing for money on an account?
    - That's easy: set a task.

  • Anything else?
    - Totally flexible. Spend less than a minute setting a task about anything you like and save all the hassle of remembering to chase it to completion.