• Take all the credit for our powerful onboarding and communication tools
  • Impress clients with your own app that looks just like you built it

Introducing White-Labelling

Brand recognition is important to growing your business, no matter which platform you’re using. That’s why we now offer The Link App as a fully white-labelled product, customised to your brand.
It’s as easy as uploading your logo into The Link App and selecting your colours. We’ll handle the rest: your branding will be automatically propagated into your documents, and our Omni-Channel Notifications will now be sent from your firm, taking your brand to every device. Your brand will be placed across every part of the platform including all of our features such as Smart Forms.
It’s not just your clients who you want to impress; engagement is a common issue when onboarding teams into new software platforms. You want them to get the most out of the product you paid for. Imagine you introduce The Link App to your team, but it’s not The Link App at all: it’s your firm’s own software platform, just like you built it. (If they don’t want to leave the comfort of the CMS they’re already used to, they won’t have to.) Your team will love the feeling of working at a firm with their own bespoke software, and every week they’ll be hearing from clients who are just as impressed.
Take your clients’ experience to the next level by easily spinning up your own instance of The Link App which they can download from the App Store and from Google Play. There’s no need for any technical work from you or your IT specialist, just say the word and it’s done. Your app will receive exactly the same upgrades as the main platform including all new features. Your firm’s app will get better all the time. You won’t be competing with our other customers for resources; your firm’s app will be hosted on its own dedicated infrastructure, ensuring top speed and performance at all times.

  • Instant results
    - Just pick your firm's colours and you'll instantly see them across the whole app, as well as your Smart Forms, so you can try out as many combinations as you'd like in no time.

  • Your own app at a fraction of the cost
    - We've invested millions into The Link App's powerful onboarding and communications tools, now we're letting you take all the credit for a fraction of the cost.

  • Your app, your brand
    - Just say the word and we'll spin up your own totally white-labelled version of The Link App which clients can download from the App Store and Google Play.