No matter how professional and reputable a service your firm may provide, it’s always difficult to remain constantly in touch with clients.


The inevitable day-to-day chase-ups alongside case and administrative work means your time is precious – especially so on those extra busy days. You know it’s important to maintain healthy relationships; but it’s also crucial if you want repeat business.


Making slight changes to the way you communicate with clients can make a huge difference, but we understand it has to be practical for you too. Don’t worry, it’s a conundrum most law firms we talk to experience, you’re not alone.


We have a solution for you.


Do you feel as though you're neglecting your clients?


The first thing to consider if you feel that you’re neglecting your clients is to consider ways of making communication faster and more efficient. This often involves a complete process change, we hear you, no thank you.


Due to the fact there’s a distinct lack of alternative solutions available, we often see firms stick to the way they know best, which is understandable.


But what if there was a better way?


Introducing The Link App


We decided that we wanted to make a change, so we designed an app which boosts your client communications, strengthens your client relations, and closes the gap between you and your clients.


It’s pretty unique in the fact it’s designed just for the legal industry – and it’s called The Link App. Working as a stand alone or integrated solicitors system, The Link App acts as a communication channel between law firms and clients; in the form of a desktop application and mobile app respectively.


This single channel keeps the two parties in touch at all times, and the app is ideal for providing quick case updates and for prioritising communication.


Here are 4 ways the app will benefit your clients, and keep them satisfied:




1. Simple and instant messaging


By reducing the need to check multiple platforms such as email, letters and phone, it creates a streamlined process for case updates. This method of ‘real-time’ communication helps efficiency, and has several features, including:


  • Immediate update messages via push notifications straight to clients’ mobile devices
  • Callback requests’ which use a traffic light system – avoid phone tennis and prioritise


2. Easy to use


The app is simple and intuitive; especially for your tech-savvy clients who are used to this kind of technology.


We’ve used the fewest possible pages and sub-menus in order to make it extremely easy to navigate. The desktop application is also very straightforward, and doesn’t take much training to get everyone set up – which is also great in the long term. Not only that, we provide tech support to help you with the technical problems you may encounter.


3. Safe & secure


First and foremost on our list of priorities when designing the app was to ensure it was completely secure. Communication between client and firm are encrypted via our servers, which should allay your concerns regarding confidentiality. Only the clients can access their own case with their unique login details.


Push notification messages are confidential, and there has to be a log-in before anything private can be seen on the device, in a similar way banking apps do:


“All your client and firm data is protected. We use 256 SSL encryption – the same security levels the banks use. All data is backed up across an independent data centre and never leaves the UK or EU.”


4. Ready to go via a free mobile app


The Link App is easy to download and set up – all your client needs is their own personal log-in details, which will be automatically provided.


  • Available on both the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store
  • As it is a mobile app, it’s accessible 24/7 – unlike email, it’s probably with them wherever they go, meaning they are in more control
  • Clients won’t need to pay a penny for the app


app-store google-play-store


We’re at a time when the legal industry needs to start embracing innovation - and there many forward thinking firms who already have.


By providing solutions that your clients want you can start to make the changes now. By taking up The Link App, you’ll already be showing existing and potential clients how innovative you are – happier existing clients, and not only this, it’s a great selling point for potential new ones.


Take a look at our app with a no-obligation demo.

Originally published 15 / Jul / 2016