Imagine a day in the office without sending a single email. Impossible, right? But it doesn't have to be this way.


A dependence on these traditional methods of communication means firms are missing out. There's a huge client pool they're not tapping into as well as they could, if they're getting in there at all.


Can you imagine a day where you send no kind of instant message? Whether that's on social media, WhatsApp, or your workplace chat? Your clients can't. Why not meet them where they are?


You might think instant messaging has saturated our lives, but it's expected to grow by 87% in the next year alone.1 It’s much quicker and easier to chat with someone online rather than via email or phone call. 42% of users prefer live chat to email; the lawyers’ main communication channel.2  We've written before about how adopting instant messaging increases customer loyalty and revenue.


Instant messaging is gaining traction in the lives of clients. Yet only 9% of law firms use live chat.3 Why shouldn't your firm beat the other 91% to the punch? This is a massive failure to adapt to the modern way of communicating. Firms are missing out on potential business and shutting the door on further revenue. 63% of people are more likely to seek the services of a firm or business which offers instant messaging.4 Clients who do come through the door are more likely to seek your services if you offer instant messaging, and can contribute to a 6% increase in revenue.5


By failing to offer their services in the way that clients would prefer, law firms are missing out on revenue. It’s long past the time to think about how your firm can adapt, but it’s never too late to get started. You're already 91% of the way there!


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Originally published 05 / Aug / 2021