Our CEO and Founder Lauren Riley, was recently chosen as #35 on the Forbes ‘100 Women Founders in Europe to follow on Twitter and Linkedin’. At The Link App, we love that Lauren has been recognised by Forbes. Since founding The Link App in 2014, she has worked hard to revolutionise the way law firms communicate with their clients.


How we communicate through technology is evolving. Social media is an important tool because it allows everyone to stay connected, but also gives entrepreneurs a space to network and establish their company.


Moreover, we endorse highlighting issues within society that need attention such as the gender-gap in investor backing. Allyson Kapin, the author of the article, noticed the tremendous gender-gap in how people from diverse backgrounds and women were being underrepresented by investors’ fund allocation. Only 12% of investor funds goes to women led startups in the EU. Allyson discovered investors, in both Europe and the US, felt it was a “pipeline problem”.  Allyson created this list to highlight the female founders across the EU who are already making waves as entrepreneurs.


The Forbes list is a call to action to investors who are lacking female representation and pinning it on a “pipeline problem”. Allyson’s findings are supported by a study found by the ‘MCKINSEY WOMEN MATTER REPORT’ where it was revealed “women in management grows the company’s bottom line by almost 50 per cent compared to companies led by men, which achieved half the return at 25 per cent”.



“Social media has always been important to me. Sharing my journey with users of our product, or those aspiring to a career in tech. One day the engagement spiked and I knew something positive had happened. To be featured by such a notable publication is great, I speak about diversity often so to be part of an article designed to provide a solution is a privilege.”


– Lauren Riley, CEO and Founder of The Link App.

We are very pleased Lauren made this list and we want to continue waving the flag for women led startups and also diversity within the business sector. Read the full article here: HTTPS://WWW.FORBES.COM/SITES/ALLYSONKAPIN/2018/07/24/100-WOMEN-FOUNDERS-IN-EUROPE-TO-FOLLOW-ON-TWITTER-AND-LINKEDIN/

Originally published 15 / Aug / 2018