I'm passionate about customer service, and I’m on a mission to transform the client experience provided by law firms.


Why? Because I've seen first hand the effect of outstanding customer service has on a business.


The early days


Before I qualified as a solicitor I completed a business management scheme as a graduate. Nothing to do with law, everything to do with customer service.


When I qualified as a solicitor I was extremely proud, but shocked to see how basic business principles that applies universally to all

other sectors were being disregarded.


Lauren Riley working


For me, the most obvious win for legal was embracing customer service; making it the highest priority.


Early on in my career as a solicitor, I noticed my colleagues were stressed and angry on a daily basis. The cause - clients constantly

chasing their solicitor for an update on their case. This led to high levels of dissatisfaction and frustration for both the solicitor and client.


Emotions were high on both sides, and neither the client or solicitor were responsible for this problem. This was a much bigger issue.


This was a case of law firms accepting that poor customer service was the norm.


My lightbulb moment


Clients wanted transparency on their case and professionals needed to progress their caseload without disruption.


I could see the issue unfolding, and I always found myself saying, “an app would solve that”.


After searching the market for a tool to help me and my colleagues, I couldn’t find anything… the app to solve their communication challenges didn’t exist.


I was left asking, “why has no one created this app for lawyers yet? There is an app for everything.”


Lauren Riley


Helping law firms to adapt


The shift in client demand was hurting firms


With the rise of comparison websites, do-it-yourself tools and the evolving knowledge of consumers, clients now had a greater amount of control. They could explore online services, leave and read law firm reviews, and were more confident asking for fixed fees.


Ill-equipped law firms were left extremely vulnerable to this shift.


First step, solve the number one complaint


It was no surprise to me that service and communication was the number one complaint in the legal profession.


Although client expectations had shifted to an ‘on-demand’ mindset, law firms had not adapted.


Case transparency and communications through an app would bring many benefits  - less phone calls and emails from clients, less admin for the lawyer.


Law firms could differentiate themselves from less progressive firms by putting the client’s needs first.


Second step, secure law firms


Cybersecurity was my next concern.


2013 saw an increase in email hacking in the legal profession. Protecting against these vulnerabilities was another way a secure and encrypted app could help.


This would remove the threat and ensure all communications, documents and data were protected.


Making The Link App happen


Lauren starting out with The Link App


I knew my idea would enable law firms to evolve and help legal professionals and clients work together like never before.


I received wide recognition for my solution, and gained the backing and guidance of many renowned names, including Sir Nigel Knowles.

Recognition and interest in The Link App was quick, and after some years of work, I achieved financial investment.


Where are we today?


The Link App team are out to fix customer service in the legal profession, and lead the new era of client experience.


I’m also passionate about technology innovation in a traditional sector. I speak regularly on the subject and I’m pushing for all law firms

to take note and join our customer service revolution.


This is a huge opportunity for law firms across the world to improve their client experience through smart technology.


And that smart technology is The Link App.


Be a part of the new era of client experience


Future-proof your law firm today with The Link App and book a demo with one of our innovators.

Originally published 12 / Oct / 2019