We’ve noticed recently that there are lots of law firms that aren’t active on social media. Now, we’re big advocates of using online networks, and we believe there are a number of brilliant benefits of going social…


Learn from your clients and connections


Allow your clients to have a voice. In the age of the savvy consumer, they will almost expect a ‘live channel’ in which they can find out what your firm’s been up to recently. They also want to be able to get involved in discussions – there’s no better place that provides access to such a large volume of relevant voices. This not only increases the morale of your clients, but it helps you directly improve your service. LinkedIn is obviously a particular favourite of many industry professionals, but also for your clients – more than you might think. People are in the habit of perusing this site on a daily basis; sharing ideas and providing feedback via comments sections of status updates or articles. It’s also possible to follow industry experts who act as thought leaders, which is always a great source of learning.


Shout about your innovation


Say you’ve already listened to your clients needs, you probably want to let them know you’re innovating. Social media isn’t only about connecting, it’s also about promoting yourself. These platforms help you connect to people in the industry as well as giving you somewhere to shout about what you’ve been up to. Remember, most of your potential clients will also be online. Consumer culture means that everyone’s a little more savvy when it comes to using the internet – so if you’re not there when they search for your profile on Twitter then they’ll probably be a little concerned.


Generate business & lead the way in expertise


With a constantly expanding network, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, et al, are a perfect (AND FREE) source for displaying advertising and promotions. If you’re already producing content on a blog, or if you have rich and useful information on your website, it’s a great place to share this. For those who aren’t producing content, we understand it takes time, but plan small to start with – aim to write one article every fortnight. If you’re stuck for ideas, try answering some of your clients’ common questions. Remember to share it on all your social media platforms! If you’ve already started following other like-minded firms and individuals on these platforms, they are perfectly placed to increase your potential audience by ‘re-tweeting’ and ‘sharing’ your promotions.


Connect with your peers and competitors


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right? That does sound more sinister than it is, but a great way of understanding how your firm compares to others is to follow their activities and listen to their opinions on relevant matters. Using this platform doesn’t mean you have to give away your secret to success, but it’s certainly intended for you to get involved in conversations about moving the industry forward. By joining the social media ranks, you’ll have gained a portal into a community you might not otherwise see – with useful tools such as ‘groups’ and ‘hashtags’. These social features are great sub-networks for bringing people together; which in-turn can help you find out about events, awards, meetups, news, industry developments, and more.

At the very least, having a social media profile or two will ensure your firm appears active, which is reassuring for potential clients as it gives your brand a bit of extra credibility. By increasing your online presence in this way you’ve all but guaranteed a new source for clientele; but if you’re not looking for this, it’s a simple way of keeping your existing clients & peers interested in your activities. The Link App is a piece of technology designed exclusively for law firms. The aim of the app is to improve communication between firms and clients; enabling you to thrive in an increasingly competitive market, improve customer service, save time & money, and increase productivity. As a bonus to firms that sign up, we offer our free marketing guide to help you get to grips with promoting the app to your clients – social media is at the heart of it, so ensure your firm is represented online!

Originally published 27 / Jul / 2016