The Times’ Raconteur publication has today focused on Legal Innovation – a topic, it’s safe to say, we have a vested interest in.


Fitting then, that in the centre-fold article about how ‘law firms must start adapting’, The Link App has been touted as a key innovator – a significant highlight being that technology should be at the heart of this adaptation. As a client communication app focusing on minimising outdated forms of communication, we’re delighted to feature prominently in Raconteur’s take on the topic; a positive reinforcement for what we’ve worked on over the last two years. Take a look at the full article on this, which is supported by a brilliant infographic. The Raconteur was also keen to push forward the idea of improved client service in the legal sector, with negative client feedback presenting a real cause for concern. Again, integral to this change is technology – with this latest report suggesting that “even the most traditional practices recognise they have to move with the times.” Touching on the subject of improving client communications, our CEO Lauren Riley makes the point that law firms should go paperless as soon as possible: “Think how much you dislike having piles of paper around your office and multiply that by a factor of ten for a client in their home.” Read the second full article – and see our take on improving client service.

Originally published 29 / Jun / 2016