Why the change?


Just like the forward thinking law firms we work with, we are always looking to innovate. Not only for our customers and their clients, but for our business.


Our new look is more reflective of The Link App’s vision; to lead a new era of client experience through smart technology. This is a huge milestone in our evolution as we challenge the status quo. We will fix customer service and transform the client experience provided by law firms.


Over the last few months, we have been working hard behind closed doors to make significant steps in achieving our vision and mission.


As our brand gets bolder, so does our outlook


Technology has had a huge impact on our day to day lives. Although it’s enhanced many industries, others are yet to adapt.


Our aim is to deliver seamless communication between firms and their clients, making customer service a key differentiator for all professional services.


We are starting with the legal profession.


Supporting law firms to adapt


Client expectations have changed - they demand convenience, speed, and constant communication from their Lawyer. Firms failing to respond to these changing expectations risk being left behind.


The first step is to acknowledge and embrace the change.


The problems clients face when working with law firms are real. We’ve seen it for ourselves - it’s why The Link App was created.


The platform built by lawyers for lawyers


From our first hand experience and through collaboratively working with law firms who have already integrated The Link App, we’ve collected valuable insight and are set to roll out some new functionality later this year.


A fresh look with new faces


Our mission is bold, which is why we have grown and diversified our team.


We’ve expanded our team of innovators




Nadine Chucri joins as our Customer Success Manager and brings with her a decade of experience in customer care and sales. She has travelled around the world for a wide range of startups, and has a great passion for technology, innovation and people.


Nadine will be joining the front line to support us in leading the new era of client experience.




James Pearson joins as our Senior Business Development Manager, and has a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry. James has over 10 years experience in implementing technology to address the challenges that professional and legal services face.


James is passionate about working with businesses, enabling them to see the potential of technology, unload the burden and cost of manual processes, and ensure that clients are at the forefront of these benefits.


We’re very excited to work with Nadine and James to push the boundaries in legal technology.


Be the difference, join the customer service revolution


We’re leading the customer service revolution through our smart technology.


Join us and become a progressive law firm.


Get started - book a demo.

Originally published 17 / Oct / 2019