The pandemic has changed the way law firms operate forever. Digital transformation that was in the "nice-to-have" category has been swiftly upgraded to a must. Now any law firm—whether they use The Link App or not—can take the next step in transforming client experience with a suite of new digital onboarding features, including AI-enabled ID Verification provided in partnership with GBG, mobile-friendly Smart Forms, E-Signatures made possible by their partnership with DocuSign, as well as convenient and secure messaging across any device via The Link App’s new omni-channel solution.


The UK is slowly emerging from the pandemic with a backlog of cases in every field. The Link App’s self-serve ID Verification, E-Signatures and Smart Forms compress ID checks and digital onboarding into a few clicks, protecting law firms with no time-consuming paperwork. Omni-channel messaging brings new clients seamlessly and securely into the app or web portal with nothing in their way. They can use any device or communication method they choose and the firm gives the same elevated customer journey regardless. WhatsApp, SMS, Email, the web portal or mobile app can be used and all branded as the law firm.


The new E-Signature system lets clients quickly sign any document from any device; for the firm it’s as easy as uploading a .pdf, and it lets them win new business and close cases faster than ever. The ability to white-label every part of the platform according to the brand and tone of the firm is an industry-leading feature already in high demand.


Law firms can even have their own fully-branded version of The Link App hosted on app stores as if they built it, achieving an incredible step up in brand recognition with none of the headaches of maintaining their own software.


Collaborating with the law firms who use the platform every day, we noticed that one pain point lawyers had was onboarding clients who either didn't have a recent smartphone or weren't so confident using it. It's important a solution can be used with 100% of a firm's clients, so we solved this problem by developing Omni-Channel Notifications, synchronised across SMS, Email and WhatsApp, allowing law firms to reach clients anywhere, any time, on every device. No sensitive information is ever sent over these channels—preserving the security the platform is known for—just a notification taking clients straight to the relevant Task, document or message in just one click.


Our founder Lauren Riley, who previously worked as a solicitor, said "this is the culmination of over five years of work helping the legal profession, gathering your requirements, understanding your pain points, understanding your problems and how we can solve them through technology. Now is the time for digital transformation: we're post-pandemic ready and we're excited to make sure every law firm is going to be the same."


And forward-thinking law firms are already feeling the impact from these new features, one paralegal from JP Goldman saying "what The Link App is doing is great, no regression but all progression and they are nailing it." City Law Practice Solicitors "have chosen to work with The Link App as the platform enables us to communicate with clients on any matter type. The platform is simple to use and provides our client with a great experience from start to finish." Catherine Cooke, Principle at Aspen Cooke, says "it is simple, straightforward and very user friendly for the lawyer, but more importantly for my clients. Communicating with my clients could not be any easier."


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Originally published 28 / May / 2021