As a modern day law firm you may have noticed an increase in the number of companies around you who are ‘going digital’ or undertaking a ‘digital transformation’ within their firm. And as we move into 2020, this will gain even more traction. Anyone who isn't moving forward with a digital first approach will stick out like a sore thumb and be left behind.


Undertaking a digital transformation simply refers to the process of making changes to your business, using the application of digital technology. It can start from merely wanting to ‘go paperless’ and minimise the amount of administrative, manual tasks your employees have to undertake, to a complete overhaul of all working processes within your firm.


Incorporating more digital technologies into your business needn’t be a complex, but to some law firms, the idea is overwhelming.


What are the benefits?


Digital transformation is no longer a 'nice to have', it's a necessity.


Think of it is a long term investment, it's not a short term fix. It's a change which will allow your company to grow, evolve and adapt as well as improving the overall experience for both your employees and your customers.


Having an effective digital strategy in place can help to increase the productivity of your team by providing them with innovative solutions to make the workplace smarter. This includes tools and software systems which make communication easier, and allow data and information to be exchanged quickly, simply and securely.




The needs of your clients are changing, and the expectation is that you will be able to offer them the level of communication that they have access to in the rest of their day to day lives – from mobile banking to topping up electric meters. In almost every other situation, communication is simple, easy and instant – so why shouldn’t this also be the case when they are dealing with their legal matters?


By implementing an innovative digital strategy within your business, especially one with a focus on client communication and improved customer service, you are already setting yourselves apart from the crowd.


How do I start the process?


The most crucial part of constructing a solid digital plan for your firm is ensuring that you do your research and choose the right technology to solve your pain points.


Remember, something that works effectively for one firm may not necessarily work for you – every business is different and it is important to take the time to evaluate your needs, get feedback from your employees about areas they feel could be improved, and do your research about the potential options out there. There is no point in implementing something for the sake of it, especially if it turns out to actually increase your workload, or doesn’t sit comfortably alongside your existing way of working.


Is keeping on top of client communications a big issue?





The Link App is the solicitors software created by lawyers, for lawyers.


From our experience in the profession, we really do understand what your firm needs. Our support team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance once a subscription is in place.


We also allow integration into your current case management systems. This limits the disruption to your workflow when installed; providing an effective solution that works with your firm, rather than against it.


How to get started


We always start with a face to face meeting with you and your team, this allows us to develop a good understanding of how your firm currently operates, assess any current pain points and see how you are planning to grow/develop in the future.


By doing this we are able to demonstrate the product and show you exactly how The Link App could benefit your firm and act as a client access portal.


The Link App can start to save you money within a relatively short space of time, minimising time spent on excess calls and emails, and having a positive impact on the way your firm communicates with clients.


If you are interested in finding out more about how The Link App could help you start your journey to digitally transforming your firm, then why not view a demo today?

Originally published 21 / Dec / 2018