The legal profession is changing, and technology is at the heart of this latest advancement. Now is the time for law firms to start adapting in order to stand out from the crowd. For those looking to get ahead, it’s good news, you’re in the majority. 72.4% of firms believe that the pace of change in the profession will increase (according to Altman Weil’s ‘Law Firms in Transition’ survey 2015). Alongside this, the legal tech sector is looking to fully support this change – all positive going into 2016, but it’s been a long road.

Why now?

It’s a common notion that the sector has been moving slower than others in recent years when it comes to technological innovation. Client feedback about law firms is largely positive, but the use of technology to improve existing process such as communication, still remains a key issue that needs to be refined. The main problem lies with tech-savvy consumers’ perception of the profession. Clients are “increasingly expecting to be able to contact partners whenever and wherever they are” as stated in a recent publication on the topic in the Times’ Raconteur. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on the profession to react, but fortunately there are affordable solutions out there.

Technology as a solution

The Link App is a perfect example of a tailored solution to this problem, as it has been specifically developed to help ease client communication within law firms. Created by lawyers, for lawyers, this unique piece of technology reduces use of inconsistent and confusing communication channels (such as email, letters and phone calls) into one single channel – which is accessible by both law firm and client. The app has been designed for all types of firm, this means even the smallest firms can now innovate and keep up with the big players. Get ahead of the curve by innovating, and improve your client relationships.

Originally published 14 / Sep / 2016