Does it feel like there are an endless array of different ways to communicate with each other – both in our businesses and in our home lives? Figuring out your best option is hard enough, and once you have that, it’s just as important to correctly use that communication tool to get the most benefit.


Communication is especially crucial within the legal profession. More often than not, lawyers are brought in during particularly important and/or stressful times in people’s lives. As a law firm, its vital that your clients feel they are receiving all the information they need, exactly when they need it. Assessing how your clients want to communicate with you, and how that expectation matches their current experience, can lead to a better client journey and improvements in your efficiency.



Current Communication Methods


Most firms probably think they’re doing ok when it comes to client communication – they send out emails/letters when needed and are available to call clients if they need to go through anything in further detail. However, a global study showed that although 205.6 billion emails are sent daily, only a third of those are actually opened. So although it appears that you are communicating as optimally as possible – most people will acknowledge email is an imperfect solution.


 "In the same study, almost 80% of people who text regularly, wanted a similar option with businesses – and that includes Law Firms."



Consider that the needs of your clients, and your potential clients, are changing. A modern audience expects that they will have ease of contact. E-mail is no longer the most effective, up to date or secure way to deal with your communication needs. Phone calls are difficult to manage in a world where our work life is often monitored. Connecting via traditional means is now harder.


More businesses are embracing different ways to contact their clients without compromising their security. You probably use ‘chat bots’ designed to provide instant solutions to issues. In offering mobile app versions of your services you can allow quick and convenient access to your clients, wherever they are.


The Legal profession is hesitant when it comes to using innovative technology. Some firms are using template SMS and messaging apps such as Whatsapp. Usage is however limited often to automated updates or one liners, and email will still take precedence for vital information.


Managing Change

In changing how you do what you do there can be a lot of upheaval. Change management in law firms can be a painful and lengthy process often leading to the failure of adopting new technology. It is important to remain focused on the overall benefits to your firm and the clients. Remember that your reality may not match their expectation, and in adopting new technology you are taking steps towards making that match.



Improving your communication


Key benefits of improved communication with your clients

  • Building trust with your clients improves your relationships.
  • Effective communication shows that you understand client needs
  • Offering additional benefits to your clients shows that you take their needs seriously.
  • Any changes that need to be made, whether business-wide or not, are much easier to implement if the lines of communication with your clients are open – they can be made aware of changes in good time, as well as being able to ask any questions they might have.
  • Staying in touch going forward is crucial to your long term success and allows you to maintain your relationships – increasing the likelihood of recommendations, positive feedback and returning custom.


You can see the full report on benefits here.


"Reflect on how your current client experience fits neatly into the above. Adopting modern communication tools can provide a real boost to the performance and efficiency of your firm. It’s time to embrace the digital change, and make sure you are providing today’s modern customers with a service that reflects their needs."



The Link App is a mobile app for your clients that is free for them to use, and allows you to provide instant updates, case milestone trackers and securely transfer important documents. It’s a simple, convenient solution that can integrate with your existing case management system or be used as a standalone product.



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Originally published 29 / Jan / 2019