The Link App Webinar

12pm on Wednesday 2nd February 2022

The Link App is hosting a webinar that will explain why your firm needs to apply smart technology to solve your business processes to improve client experience and operate effectively, saving your fee earners time.

One example of our technology in action is that we’ve found we can reduce your client onboarding time from weeks to minutes.

We provide:

  • Secure ID checks which your clients action, saving your firm time.
  • E-signatures and Smart Forms to sign documents and collect client information automatically.
  • We also provide secure communication, instigated with WhatsApp (which we know is every client’s preference).
  • All of this can be wrapped up in your own app in the Apple App & Google Play Store.

All of the above can be free for your firm to use, and can be completely cost neutral.

We save you money; improve your firm’s efficiency & give you happier clients!

It’s worth noting that there are many underlying issues that exist and are neglected as being categorised as ‘standard practice’. This phase ‘standard practice’ is exactly why you need to act and attend this webinar. Learning about the problems to understand how you can improve your business practices will directly create positive results. The question you must ask yourself; can you afford not to attend?

“The platform is helpful and is increasingly helpful the more people we move onto it. We have found that we have clients who respond to messages immediately on the app when responses from them using phone calls or emails has been impossible! For that alone it is a success!
It has also reduced our onboarding time from 2 weeks to 20minutes.”

Hannah Visan
Legal Secretary, Bushra Ali Solicitors

Omni-channel communication

We can reach your clients faster than ever with our Omni-Channel communications.   Using WhatsApp and SMS to message clients a secure link to new messages and documents, and the client response time is unbelievably improved. You can manage any matter on any device, anywhere and at any time.

Omni-Channel Communication

Digital Client Onboarding


The client expectations are evolving, as should the client experience. Digital client onboarding helps you to embrace and enjoy smart technology to quickly onboard clients using digital ID verification, e-signatures and media rich smart forms whilst being able to communicate with clients using a secure alternative to emails and other messaging apps. The direction of modern working is synchronising technology to support progressive growth. Stay ahead and start implementing changes to provide first class client experience and modernise business practices.  We find that using this technology reduces the typical onboarding time from 2 weeks to 20 minutes.  Find out more about this in our webinar

Client Communication

Digital ID Verification


The vulnerabilities in technology are risking data and sensitive information. These increasing attacks are designed to steal information and commit fraud. Either by selling on the dark web or continuing with illegal activities that destroy lives. Digital ID Verification provides a barrier and creates a level of protection against hackers before any harm can be caused to your clients. Legal checks can be carried out effortlessly with regulations being prioritised.  

We do your due diligence on your clients for you. We check their ID documents are genuine, and that they are the person on the documents with our facial recognition software. Your client performs the check themselves, from the comfort of their own home; saving your business time and protecting your firm better than ever.  Find out more about how this works in our webinar.

Digital ID Verification



With the rise of working remotely and hybrid work situations being utilised, signing documents on paper is an avoidable time-saver. The hassle of documents can easily be fixed with E-Signature. Creating documents that are accessible and easy-to-use is the solution that makes life easier. The benefits of online documents are using existing templates or creating new documents in seconds. The first stage to phase out time consuming tasks, fully supported with reliable partnerships.


Smart Forms


Requesting information is now more convenient for both you and your clients. Collecting and organising data from clients has never been more stress-free. This will no longer be a cause of pain, chasing clients for vital information. Smart Forms transform this process by making it as simple as possible and faster than ever before. You can create Smart Forms to be accessed on any device at any time. Being completely able to gather the information you need without losing any confidence in the process.  Complex forms like TA6 property forms can be completed this way. Let us show you how in our webinar.

Smart Forms

Management Information Report


We can give your information you don’t know, you don’t know!  

Like who is the best performing employee; how long cases take to complete – highlighting problem hold-up areas; enquiry conversion rates plus much more. Allowing you to make changes to your business and make it more effective.   

We know you’re busy so having fast access to critical information makes a difference.  Having access to a detailed overview of your firm, ensures you deploy resources and time where it will make the greatest impact.  Find out more in our webinar.



Having that sleek look is very visually attractive, showing investment in professional tools to provide and create brand recognition. This can effortlessly be implemented with the white-labelling feature. Being able to adapt your firm’s branding into the app, creating the best first impressions possible. Your branding will also automatically be propagated into your documents for your clients to complete. 

Your firm can promote its own app and gain/retain clients more successfully than ever.  You benefit from the millions of pounds we’ve spent developing this platform, looking like it’s entirely yours. 

Find out more about having your own app in our webinar.



Creating custom tasks with The Link App’s feature allows you to save time by reusing the same standard practices for every case. Takes are a powerful asset that are flexible and reusable to improve your performance. And you can take full advantage of the same tools we use to build your own processes.  One such use is reminding clients of appointments.

See more in our webinar.

Client Enquiries

The number one complaint customers have about businesses is their slow response times. The Link App increases your firm’s activity by speeding up your internal processes. The client enquiries can easily be embedded into your firm’s website and any medium you use to attract new business. Clients simply fill out the form and are securely carried straight into your firm’s Link App interface.  You can also automatically WhatsApp the client to direct them to your fast response – beating your competitors and gaining the business.

Let us show you how in our webinar.


Allow your team to use all the features of The Link App without having to relearn everything with Integrations. Messaging, milestones, tasks, enquiries and everything else you need within the Case Management System you already know. Your CMS merged with the benefits of The Link App, meaning without having to do anything differently. Your team can just connect The Link App’s features into the software they use every day, allowing them to work as normal; whilst giving your clients this amazing new experience. 

We are official partners with Tikit and our seamless integration gives your clients access to our amazing technology without changing how your fee earners work. 

Our API can connect to any system – We can answer any question in our webinar.

The Link App Integrations
“The Link App allows us to continue to fully address the needs of Kuits clients in a new remote environment whilst also ensuring that we don’t lose the personal touch that sets us apart from the rest of the market.”

Rob Waine
Legal Process Improvement Manager, Kuits Solicitors

“I now wouldn’t use a firm which did not use this software.”
Pete Casson
Law Firm Client