The Link App

New Year’s Webinar


Join The Link App for a webinar that will explore why law firms need to apply smart technology to their processes.  Understand how we can improve client responsiveness, as well as providing a more efficient way for your firm to communicate with ANY client; all wrapped up in a secure environment that protects all parties.


For this New Year’s webinar we will cover areas such as:


  • Omni-channel communication using Whatsapp – reach 100% of your clients and ensure all interactions are encrypted, protecting you and your client from the rising cyber crime threat. Securely communicate with your clients on any matter, at any time and on any device. 
  • Digital client onboarding – understand how The Link App can save your firm valuable time at the beginning of ANY matter.
  • Digital tasks – see how The Link App can improve bottlenecks when waiting for clients to respond or action requests from your firm.


Client expectations are evolving and changing, with traditional communication becoming a key factor in client frustrations.  Understanding this shift to smart technology is the first step, join our webinar to see how easy it can be to service your clients with digital transformation.