Andersonbain LLP

Scott Allan, Partner at Andersonbain talks about using The Link App.

Why did you choose The Link App?

I was attracted to The Link App initially due to the speed of communicating with clients and allow us to keep them up to date very quickly with their case. The fact that there is innovative technology has also kept us ahead of our competitors at the forefront of the marketplace.


Did you have any reservations?

I think the main reservation that I did have was whether or not the use of the feedback we have had from clients who have used it have enquired about it has all been positive. I did also wonder if it would over complicate communication but it has not.


What are the benefits of Using The Link App?

The main benefit is the speed and ease of communication with clients. We can let clients know how their case is progressing directly to their phone or tablet instantly through the client access portal.


How do you use The Link App?

It has generally been useful for our residential conveyancing transactions. We can let people know what stage their contract is at, title deeds etc. We do not just see it being used for that going forward to the future.


Who should use The Link App?

All firms of solicitors should be aware of it and should use it as it allows the innovative technology, quick communications with clients. It also is very beneficial for clients who then can get updates on their case.