The Link App's frequently asked questions

Which areas of law does The Link App cover?

All legal sectors. There’s nothing specific in the technology that restricts its use from one type of law firm to another.


In fact, it’s already being used across private client and commercial disciplines, as well as in various different sectors.

Is it simple to use and get started?

Yes. You, your team and clients won’t be hours of training. You can be up and running within a day.


As it was designed for lawyers by lawyers, it is an intuitive app that is easy to use. Traditional legal tech systems are often created to cover all bases, whereas The Link App was built from scratch to answer a specific need.


The user interface is like no other technology, it’s tailored to you. The Link App centralises all communications, which makes it easy to adopt for you, the firm, and your clients.

Can I share access with my colleagues?

If your colleagues have a licence to use The Link App, you can share access to cases and you are all able to send case updates.


For privacy and security reasons, we require that all your colleagues with access to The Link App have their own account. Our terms of use do not allow for accounts to be shared.

Can multiple clients per case use The Link App?

Yes, you can add as many clients as you need in a case.

Can a license be transferred from one user to another?

Our licences are personal and non transferable, the data associated with your login is unique to you.


If you’d like a colleague to have access to your cases and clients (in addition), we suggest you refer them to us so we can set up a new licence for them.

How many messages can I send using The Link App?

As many as you wish. Unless you do so through SMS and other communication methods, there is no additional charge to send messages through The Link App.

Can I send documents to my clients using The Link App, and is there an additional cost or limit for this?

Yes you can, and there is no additional cost for sending or receiving documents. You can send as many documents as you require.


The documents must be a supported file format and not exceed 25MB in size.


Clients will receive instant notifications whenever their case is updated, and they are able to access the documents you send securely within The Link App.

Will my firm’s branding appear in the app?

Yes. Your clients will download The Link App from the App Store or Google Play Store, and it will be your firm’s branding that will be seen within the app.

Do we access The Link App using a computer or mobile phone? Or both?

Lawyers will use a desktop application (or web application if they prefer) at all times when using The Link App, and do not need the mobile app. The web application is accessible from a computer, tablet or mobile device, so lawyers can use our product on the go.


Your clients will always use the mobile app. This is ideal for them as they can access information anywhere, quickly and efficiently.

How will I know if my client got the notification?

Unlike with email or letters, lawyers can instantly see when notifications sent via The Link App have been read.

What training is provided for our team?

We do provide training. You can feel confident that you, your colleagues and clients will be able to use The Link App quickly and learn the ropes, even without training.


Our training takes place either via live online tutorials or in your office, depending on your preference and the size and location of the rollout. The training typically takes about an hour. We can guide you through the whole process and, of course, provide tech support along the way.


We also offer a complimentary floor-walker service for larger firms wishing to get more team members live on the app. This comprises of a member of our support team joining you in the office to help you get set up and used to using the app.

Does The Link App keep a record of communications with clients, and can they be produced on demand if needed?

You can download a record of client communications with just one click, all in an organised PDF file for convenient review.

Who is using it already?

The Link App is specific to the UK legal profession, and the app is currently live in firms across the country.


We are used by small law firms with ten users and, on the other end of the spectrum, by law firms across multiple offices with over 250 staff members. Being used by niche firms and full service firms alike, our product really is a wonderfully flexible and cost-effective solution for all.


You can see some of our clients in our case studies.

We already use a case management system, is integration possible?

Integration is possible. However, for most law firms, integration isn’t necessary. This is due to the fact that when law firms have practical experience of using our product, the benefits speak for themselves.


Please get in touch for specific details.

What is integration?

Integration allows The Link App to exchange information with other systems, such as a case or matter management system that you might already use at your firm.

Does the app have access to any other data on my mobile device? Can it access my contacts, GPS data or calendar information?

The Link App is not invasive and has no need to access the data described above.

Is the transfer of information within The Link App secure?

Yes, all data transmission to and from The Link App is protected using SSL encryption.

Does The Link App improve understanding between our clients and their lawyer?

Absolutely. We saw an industry wide issue with communication in the legal profession, and we’ve created a solution.


In our experience, keeping clients up to date and giving them a better understanding of the stages in their case makes them feel at ease and in control. Brief updates in plain English at appropriate junctures mean a greater understanding, and this goes a long way.

How do our clients benefit from our firm using The Link App?

The needs of clients are changing, and law firms must adapt to survive. Clients are experiencing increased levels of service in many other sectors, thanks to technology.


Your clients are using apps for a whole host of reasons, from banking to social interactions. Free tools don’t meet the security and compliance standards you need, but they do have the sort of features and modern experience that your clients know and love. Yet when they interact with your firm, they are then required to go back to outdated web-portals, emails or worse, letters.


The legal sector often has a reputation for being slow to adapt. But firms offering The Link App are at a distinct competitive advantage in instantly answering that unmet client need.


Find out how your clients can benefit from using The Link App.

Can your product help us justify our bills?

One of the observations we made in regards to the client-lawyer relationship was that lawyers work really hard for their clients, and, in the vast majority of cases, the bill (however large) is often perfectly justified.


The problem, however, is that the clients often do not fully understand all the stages and hard work that go into their transaction, and there is a disconnect between the bill and the perceived work done. If it was less time consuming to send updates, more would be sent. In our experience, keeping clients up to date by using an easily accessible platform is hugely important.


Regular case updates for your client, even if it isn’t a substantive update, provides a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. They will start to understand the work involved and, ultimately, the bill.


That’s the two biggest complaints of law firms’ clients – communication and cost. It can be dealt with by implementing one easy-to-use product.

Why should I choose The Link App over using email?

Statistics show that quick and simple app communications are preferred by clients.


Your case updates go directly to your client’s device, minimising the risk of messages or documents being lost due to spam filters or overcrowded inboxes.


Also, you and your client’s benefit from having all the information relevant to the case available in one dedicated encrypted channel.

Why would we use The Link App over texting?

The Link App is much better suited to client communication than text or SMS.


Our platform will gather all messages into a single, dedicated channel. On top of this, communications are encrypted and password protected so that confidential information can be kept secure.


The Link App also allows you to securely send documents to your clients, which they can view within the app.


We do not charge for instant messages on the app, unlike SMS providers.

Is it possible to trial The Link App before paying for a subscription?

We offer a 14-day unlimited free trial. We charge for use of our product, but allow for monthly payments of The Link App and do not place a minimum amount of users per firm.

Will we be able to get support using the product? And how can we access support if we need it?

Yes, support will be available upon registering for the The Link App.


You will be introduced to the Customer Success Manager who can be reached via email or phone.


For any technical issues, you can reach our tech support team via email.

Can we increase/decrease the amount of licenses we have?

Yes, you can add new users at anytime. User numbers can be decreased at the end of the contractual monthly or annual term.

What happens if we want to stop using The Link App? Is there a cancellation policy?

We are confident that you and your clients will see the benefits of using our product. But should you not be happy at the end of your monthly or annual contract, just give us notice and you can walk away.

Would infrequent tech users be able to get to grips with The Link App?

The Link App is suitable for users of all ages.


In fact, there is an increasing amount of research which shows that mobile app use amongst all ages is on the rise. A recent study showed that over 70% of UK mobile users are now choosing to use a messaging app for their conversations, rather than making a call.


We provide training of the platform too, if you need it.