Our platform

Re-defining your client experience

The Link App lets you keep on top of client communications and consistently provide a great client experience.

Client interactions

Communicate with your clients through instant message. Clients can also request a call-back.


Document sharing

You and your clients can securely send documents to each other. Documents are automatically filed in a shared portal.

Case milestones

Your clients can track their case’s progress through customised milestones. No need for them to chase you for updates.

Integration & customisation

The Link App will integrate with your case management system. We can provide bespoke integrations to suit the way you operate.


All communications are encrypted and all documents are protected. File based backups are performed hourly.

secure messages


You can access all of The Link App features, from any device, anywhere in the world.


Your clients stay in the loop with instant notifications to their phone. You can see when they have read your updates.