Omni-Channel Communication

Omni-Channel Notifications

  • Reach your clients anytime, anywhere, on every device

Introducing Omni-Channel Notifications

Previously, even law firms that embraced the latest tech struggled to reach 100% of their clients via one solution: clients either didn’t have a smartphone or were wedded to popular but insecure channels like email or WhatsApp.

Our Omni-Channel Notifications enable everyone to access the latest innovations and time-saving capabilities of The Link App, through whichever device they’re most comfortable using and on any communication channel. Imagine having the ability to ask a client how they want to communicate at the outset of a case and being able to say yes to them all, without creating any more work for your firm. Your firm users can take advantage of any of these channels too, and this huge new addition to the platform is available at no extra cost.

You can tailor notifications on a per-client basis across the Link App mobile app, web portal, SMS, Email, or WhatsApp. Choose one or all of these methods. We provide this while still maintaining best-practise cybersecurity: no sensitive information is ever sent across these channels, and the optional Magic Links are available if your firm wants to make life even easier for the client, who can now go from notification to document in just one click. Your client can adjust how and where they’re notified at any time, specifying their preferred method of communication just by toggling each channel on or off.

This is an industry-leading, game-changing improvement for you and your clients. The Link App now enables you to transform client experience anywhere, any time, on every device.

Omni-Channel Communication
  • Whatever works for you, whatever works for them
    - You and your clients can choose how you'd like to receive updates, so "get notifications anywhere" doesn't mean "notifications everywhere".

  • Convenient, secure
    - We don't transmit sensitive information over these channels because we don't need to, we take your client from WhatsApp to The Link App in just one click.

  • Fully customisable
    - Take advantage of our white-labelling feature to customise all communication channels. They all come from your firm by name. Reduce phishing attempts and provide clients peace of mind they are dealing with your firm, all while strengthening your brand.