Keep your clients happy and in the loop

Due to evolving technology, clients expect timely communication and access on-demand.

To master this, law firms need to embrace new technology and change their client experience.

Let clients feel in control

Instant and accessible

Clients can access their case information anytime, anywhere.

Everything in one place

Clients know where to find all their case information and documents.

Time saved

Gain updates and information quickly and concisely.


Give clients peace of mind

Less stress

Clients can easily see progress on their case by simply opening the app.

Easy to use

Anyone with any device can quickly start using The Link App.

Everything stays private

Clients are reassured that their data and personal details are safe and secure.

case concluded


of clients install the app.


of messages are read by clients in less than a minute.


of the notifications are read.


of people use the mobile app to communicate.

Your clients will love using The Link App.

Stand out to your clients

We provide the functionality, you gain the credit

Your clients can benefit from our features at no extra cost. You gain a great reputation with improved client feedback.

Be seen as the future

Clients see you as an innovative, forward thinking, stand out firm that can be trusted to get the job done.