Client Enquiries

Client Enquiries

  • Turn enquiries into cases in seconds

Introducing Client Enquiries

You only get to make one first impression, and the #1 complaint customers have about businesses is their slow response times. The Link App speeds up your firm’s internal processes, but in the past you had to manually enter your client’s data into the app before they noticed you were different.
That’s why we created the Client Enquiries widget, which you can easily embed in your firm’s website or in any medium you use to attract new business. Adverts, social media, and email campaigns can now all feature your branded enquiry form. New or existing clients write their enquiries as if they’re filling out any other online form, and they’re securely carried straight into your firm’s Link App interface, ready for you to welcome them in and begin onboarding them before your competitors have checked their inboxes.
You can convert an enquiry into a case in seconds. All communications during the enquiry phase will be available to view during the case stage, providing complete transparency for all parties involved.
When clients make the enquiry they can use our Omni-Channel functionality to indicate where they’d like to receive notifications from you: WhatsApp, SMS, email, mobile app, or the web portal.
Existing clients that already use your branded app—or The Link App if you didn’t choose our white-labelling option—can submit enquiries instantly through the app for new matters. Give yourself the best chance to win repeat business effortlessly. 
Once the enquiry has been made, they’re able to request a quote and send further instructions from within the app in seconds, making The Link App the easiest way to secure additional business from your existing clients or contacts. It’s also one of the cheapest: the Client Enquiries widget is absolutely free to use for subscribers of our platform, for unlimited use, and you can embed it into your site right now.

  • Let prospective clients know from the outset that you are a progressive firm
    - With The Link App, you can go from receiving an enquiry to onboarding a client in seconds.

  • Lead with the best possible client experience to win more business
    - It's your site and your new client, so you can brand the Enquiries widget as your firm whether or not you're using The Link App's full white-labelling feature.

  • The fastest client onboarding around, for free
    - Embed the widget into your site or marketing material today and onboard unlimited clients.

  • Keep happy clients coming back
    - Available for your existing clients through the app; increase retention and convert even more business.