APS Legal

APS Legal recently purchased The Link App platform to enable them to communicate more efficiently and securely with their large network of Associates and to assist with ongoing case management within their own team.


Libby Holding of APS Legal said “The Link App provides us with a platform that enables a very secure and efficient way of working on cases with our network of Associates.  It provides transparency in case progress which means everyone involved has full visibility. This is invaluable both in terms of the service we can provide to our Associates, as well as from a compliance and audit trail point of view.”


Prior to using The Link App platform, communications were sent and received by a combination of telephone, email and post, all of which relied upon the internal staff members saving the relevant details of the conversations to the files and all of which were recognised as slow and a potential risk to the firm, particularly email. To combat this risk APS had previously utilised an encrypted email platform, which was found to be cumbersome and unreliable for the Associates to use, often leading to follow up telephone calls or needing to find ‘workarounds’ which was slowing the team down.


For one-off conversations this was not a major issue, however when factoring in the number of communications required per case, in acknowledging receipt of a case, requesting further information, providing draft documentation as well as ongoing case updates, and the volume of cases being handled by the team, it was not feasible to continue. 


This led APS Legal to speak with The Link App who demonstrated via their platform how the case work can all be conducted in a secure, efficient and user-friendly environment.  The Link App provided the Associates of the firm with both an app and browser-based version of the platform, which provided the flexibility required for the Associates to be able to access their cases in a convenient way to suit their own business needs.


Real time updates via the key milestones on a case means each Associate has absolute transparency of the status of their cases on an individual basis, and with the added functionality of instant messaging, it means Associates can respond or ask questions in a very efficient way, without any undue delays.


Initially, The Link App was provided to a smaller group of Associates to enable APS Legal the opportunity to amend and improve their processes ahead of going firm wide. After a successful trial period, The Link App was then subsequently rolled out across all their Associates and now over 99% of the active Associates regularly use The Link App for their cases, with the APS Legal team having fully incorporated The Link App into their own processes. With the platform now available to all Associates, The Link App is providing the secure and efficient process that was required at the outset.