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Legal case management software for conveyancers

Outstanding customer service in conveyancing is what makes those leading law firms excel.

You can streamline your processes and increase your capacity to handle more cases.

With many cases to manage and clients to update, maintaining a personal client experience is tough… but it’s not impossible.

Our conveyancing legal software will ensure you work smarter, not harder.

Store all interactions in one location

Say goodbye to being chased, and hello to controlled client communications.

The Link App supports you in managing your conveyance cases, and keeping in touch with your clients through its smart features.

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Instant messaging

You and your clients can securely communicate through message.

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Client call back requests

Clients can request a callback from you. You call at a time to suit you.

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Document sharing

Effortlessly send and receive documents securely.

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Case Updates

Give clients the transparency they deserve on their case through the app.

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Notify your clients to the minute with instant push notifications on the case to their mobile.

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All communications and documents are securely stored in one place.

Experience repeat business and client referrals

With the support of our client communication and case management platform, personal and on-demand customer service is easy.

An impressive client experience leads to happier clients, repeat business and referrals.

Customer service is the key to growth.

Protect all data

Be more productive

Secure law firm app

96% of cybercrime is committed using email.

Every case you manage involves sensitive data. Don’t risk a data breach through email and free messaging apps.

On The Link App, all client communications are stored securely. Show your clients you care about their cyber safety.

Security matters

  • Communications on The Link App are encrypted to 256-bit SSL

  • Our data is hosted on an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure

  • On the mobile app, web app and API, all communications are over HTTPS

  • Server backups are performed daily

  • File based backups are performed hourly

  • Our team is bound by our IT Security Policy and Data Protection Policy

  • The Link App handles data in accordance with GDPR

You and your clients can feel at ease sharing personal information.

The Link App
The Link App integrations

We make firms 34% more productive.

The Link App is quick and easy to set up and start using with your clients.

Although a standalone solution, The Link App can integrate with your existing business processes and technology.

Integrating The Link App with your existing system

  • 01

    We take your existing case/matter management systems and other applications.

  • 02

    Ensure they can exchange information with The Link App.

  • 03

    Integrate them and add specific features to suit your processes.

  • 04

    Provide your clients encrypted updates and documents.

Our integration process varies for each firm. We allow you to test an environment tailored to you to ensure you’re happy before launch.

The Link App

Customers that future-proofed their firm

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