• Send and sign documents anytime, anywhere, on every device

Introducing E-Sign

The pandemic reset your clients’ expectations about how much work can be done online and on the move. But companies are still asking clients to sign documents on paper, hunt down a printer or wait for the post to arrive. That’s time nobody can afford to lose, and The Link App’s E-Sign feature can reduce all that turnaround time to just minutes.

You can create a new E-Sign task for any document. Our easy-to-use solution means you can save existing templates or create new ones in seconds. It’s as quick as uploading a .pdf, then just drag-and-drop where you want them to sign.

All documents are encrypted, protected by best-practises cybersecurity, and a complete audit trail is maintained. We’ll send your documents to your client or clients in one convenient message, and we’ll even send them reminders when those signatures are due; they won’t forget about it, and you can.

Our partnership with DocuSign lets you and your clients sign documents anywhere and from any device—desktop, tablet, or mobile—saving your clients time and letting you close cases faster than ever. We’ve taken the reliable and well-loved features of DocuSign and integrated them seamlessly within our platform.

Use this feature on its own, as the first step to digital transformation, or as part of The Link App’s full suite of tools. You choose.

Our E-Sign infrastructure has proved to have 99.99% availability with no maintenance downtime. The functionality is available in 180 countries, and you can sign agreements in over 40 languages.

  • Powered by DocuSign
    - Available in 180 countries and counting.

  • Anytime, anywhere, on every device
    - Omni-Channel Notifications take your clients to your document through SMS, Email or WhatsApp in just one click.

  • Flexible Pricing
    - Add it to your subscription or pay as you go.