Before the pandemic, collaboration in law firms happened behind the scenes. Important conversations and exchanges were happening by water-coolers and in meetings. Clients were not involved, even though teamwork is at the heart of law firms' service.


Clients are passed around a firm by Cc: or internal phone transfer, but they have no idea who the full team is that's on their side. The pandemic has only highlighted this. The removal of water-cooler chats exposed the lack of strong communication channels between lawyers. This is detrimental to collaboration between clients and lawyers themselves. Achieving an outcome in a case is as much dependent on clients as it is on lawyers.


Instant communication through secure client communication software offers real-time collaboration between many people. Clients and colleagues can both be in one place at one time (whether the office is physical or remote) and exchange information easily. Only then will it solidify what firms aim to project about their own cultures: that they are truly collaborative. 


The financial benefits are twofold:


  1. Colleagues appreciate a closer network of employees even in the absence of an office. Firms are more likely to retain talented staff, which strengthens the offering of the firm. This puts you in a better position to attract clients and revenue.
  2. Making your internal processes faster and more efficient will save money.
  3. Clients will feel supported by an integrated team, and they’ll be more likely to seek repeat work. Between instant messaging and other features like case milestones, your clients can see for themselves that they're getting the quality service they're paying for. With digital communication, the intangible concept of collaboration is making a difference to your bottom line. We've already discussed how clients who engage via instant messaging are 4.5x more valuable on average than those who don't.


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Originally published 19 / Aug / 2021