We've covered how instant messaging gets you more, happier clients. But aren't you swamped with work already? Once clients can reach you at a moment's notice, how do you stay on top of that?


Lawyers can only deal with one client at a time over email and telephone. Clients are then left waiting: they’re frustrated, you’re frustrated, it’s a mess. The hard work you've put into building a good relationship with your client is now in jeopardy. In the worst case scenario, they decide to leave for a competitor and take their money with them. At best, you're not making the lasting impression you want to.


An ICMI study found that customers who engage with companies via instant messaging are worth 4.5x more than those who don't.1 This is a huge increase in the legal world and could be a huge boost to your firm’s bottom line.


Instant messaging allows lawyers to deal with many clients at once, offsetting the workload of talking to clients throughout the day. It lets you get back to other work faster, while also giving all your clients the attention they deserve. Clients will feel valued by the firm and will be more likely to seek repeat work, firms who use The Link App see client retention increase by 25%.2 It's a win-win. The time for law firms to move to new digital communication channels is now.


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Originally published 12 / Aug / 2021