So. You're a control freak. Seems a bit harsh, but in some way or another, even if just a little, you like to have control over situations; you care about detail, you sweat the small stuff. We know how important it is to you and your clients that you get to choose the right communication tools.


We've mentioned that email and telephone offers no privacy, it offers no form of control either. How many times have you sent an email or phoned a client and not heard back until you chase again, and again? It’s frustrating and makes it impossible to plan for the response. You have no idea if they've read your email, and who knows when they will reply? If both parties had an instant means of communication, we could solve this.


Take control of the relationship 


Instant messaging software for law firms gives you more control than ever. Instant messaging is just that: instant, and accessible anywhere. With The Link App's Omni-Channel Communication, you and your clients can even customise exactly where you want to be notified of new messages: SMS, Email, or push notification. This means you both get messages where you're most likely to respond: 52% of all messages sent via The Link App are read within 20 minutes, whereas emails linger unread much longer.


Offering control via instant messaging runs deeper than just this. For example, by showing exactly when you're available which is psychologically pleasing to both clients and lawyers. Kayako has recently reported that simply having an instant messaging option increases client loyalty and revenue in 79% of businesses.1


So the bottom line of it all, is that by offering clients and lawyers more control over their interactions through communication channels, everyone is going to be more responsive, enjoy the engagement more and build a more trusting and productive relationship.


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Originally published 22 / Jul / 2021