Instant messaging is one main advantage that people associate with any legal technology. But digital communication through secure client communication software offers efficiency in a way that is bespoke to law firms.


We live in an active world. 


By this we mean constantly active online. When we say that over 2.3 billion people worldwide use instant messaging, we mean actively using these forms of communication. Not only are clients creating messaging accounts, but they are actively using them every day, sometimes every hour. So how can this drive efficiencies in law firms and then boost profits?


There are two sides to the story. While lawyers in the office are still using email and telephone, in their personal lives they use instant messaging. They've been doing this for a decade. Having the ability to react and act on situations is vital for any business. But the lack of digital communication in law firms is preventing them from being able to react the same way. Getting stuck in a chain of emails wastes so much time every single day.


On the flip-side, the client is also an active user of instant messaging, except when they need the services of a law firm. Why is that? Communicating with their lawyer is slow and time-consuming. It prevents clients from making valuable use of their own time, and even wanting to reach out to their lawyers. You might email them in the morning, then they might put the task off all day until they have time in the evening to sit down in front of a laptop.


It's a lose-lose situation. The usual way of doing things is a decade out of date.


Instant messaging opens unlimited scope for efficiency. We've talked before about speed, control, and value. A secure digital client onboarding and communications platform like The Link App allows a lawyer and their client to communicate seamlessly through the day. We make firms 34% more productive on average, and a lot of that improvement is down to this. Add one-minute Digital ID Verification, mobile-friendly E-Signature, media-rich Smart Forms and Omni-Channel Communication all fully branded as your firm, and that's an even bigger improvement to the way firms operate.


It's that simple, and that powerful; at The Link App, many firms don't even need to get an IT specialist to set up. So it’s time to transform this space and make instant messaging the norm for law firms.


Clients will know they're getting the best and most efficient service from their lawyer, and lawyers can work on many revenue streams while effortlessly keeping on top of messages.


Book a short demo to see why 75% of lawyers who do begin transforming their firm using our product within 30 days. Find out how you can easily make steps towards a digital offering at your firm today.


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Originally published 29 / Jul / 2021