Attract, service and
retain more business
for your law firm

The Link App gives you the tools to transform client experience.

All communications, in one place

Technology has changed your client’s expectations. They demand convenience, speed, and constant communication.

If you don’t adapt to these needs you risk being left behind.

“It has enabled the firm to go from bricks and mortar to remote in less than 1 week and shown they are now an ‘any place, anywhere law firm’.” – David Brooks, Systems Development Manager and Solicitor at Gardner Leader

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Built by lawyers for lawyers

The Link App is an innovative and easy-to-use client portal software for law firms. It’s the solution that reinvents your firm’s client experience.


Progressive law firms use The Link App

Their new differentiator? An innovative client experience.

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Your clients can:

Easily communicate and track case progress.

You can:

Gain time, work flexibly, improve client feedback.

The Link App on desktop and mobile
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Improving your client relationship with secure messaging, case tracking, and document sharing.

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Reduce risk

A dedicated secure alternative to emails and other messaging apps, giving you peace of mind.

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Smart technology

A fully-featured platform on mobile and desktop, adapting law firms to client expectations.

Getting started
with The Link App

Step 1:

Explore the opportunities

Discover how to take your firm’s client experience to the next level.

Step 2:

Stand-alone or integrate

The Link App is a stand-alone solution, or it can be integrated into your existing case management system.

Step 3:

Get to know The Link App

We provide training to quickly get you and your team up to speed on using The Link App.

Step 4:

Introduce clients and get to work

You stay on top of your workload, your clients stay up to date on their case.

Step 5:

Experience the difference

Become the law firm that stands out from the crowd.

What our customers think

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"The Link App is an excellent tool for communicating with clients. Unlike email it isn’t at risk of hackers... With many of its features, The Link App is just ahead of the game.”

Peter Wright, Managing Partner at Digital Law

"We’re excited to be using The LinkApp as they share our passion and commitment to delivering best in class customer service for our clients. Connecting with our clients in new and innovative ways and ensuring that we can offer them the access to high quality legal services that best suits their needs, is vital. The LinkApp allows us to continue to fully address the needs of Kuits clients in a new remote environment whilst also ensuring that we don’t lose the personal touch that sets us apart from the rest of the market."

Rob Waine, Legal Process Improvement Manager

"The Link App came highly recommended to us by a firm that we know and trust. They reported that their clients loved using the app."

Derek Rogers, Managing Partner at Gardner Leader