Attract, Service, and Retain more clients for your law firm

Transform your client experience with your own branded version of our industry-leading onboarding and communication tools. Everything your law firm needs to provide service that sets you apart.

Everything you need, in one place.

Technology and the pandemic have changed your clients’ expectations. They demand convenience, speed, and peace of mind via communication.

The Link App incorporates all the tools that you need to provide professional services to your clients in the digital age. We have been leading the way since 2014.

Your law firm, transformed for today 

The Link App has everything you need to onboard clients instantly and deliver an outstanding experience throughout, all in one platform:

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The Link App on desktop and mobile
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Improving your client relationship with secure messaging, case tracking, and document sharing.

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Reduce risk

A dedicated secure alternative to emails and other messaging apps, giving you peace of mind.

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Smart technology

A fully-featured platform on mobile and desktop, adapting law firms to client expectations.

Getting started
with The Link App

Step 1:

Explore the opportunities

Discover how to take your firm’s client experience to the next level.

Step 2:

Stand-alone or integrate

The Link App is a stand-alone solution, or it can be integrated into your existing case management system.

Step 3:

Get to know The Link App

We provide training to quickly get you and your team up to speed on using The Link App.

Step 4:

Introduce clients and get to work

You stay on top of your workload, your clients stay up to date on their case.

Step 5:

Experience the difference

Become the law firm that stands out from the crowd.

What our customers think

andersonbain case study - The Link App

“Speed and security are massive things for us at Anderson Bain. The Link App allows us to communicate with our clients in a quick and secure way."

Scott Allan, Partner at Andersonbain

"The platform is helpful and is increasingly helpful the more people we move onto it. We have found that we have clients who respond to messages immediately on the app when responses from them using phone calls or emails has been impossible! For that alone, it is a success!"

Hannah Visan

"As an entrepreneurial lawyer, the Link App really resonated with me! We aim to create a seamless system of communication, and are always looking to embrace technology to make that happen. Having spent some time with Lauren and her team, I am thoroughly impressed with the vision they have created. Capturing the full client communication system in to one place is genius, as it reduces the clutter that can be created when using a combination of other portals, such as emails, messenger apps and notes from phone calls. The Link App eradicates the challenges created by multi-platform communications, and leaves us with a clear trail to be able to easily review. But most importantly, our Clients can also see how things are progressing in real time."

Zameer Nazarali, CEO & Founder at Simplify Legalz